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Offering Digestive Enzyme Supplement, Cough Cold Syrup, Natural B12 Support Tablets, Digestive Enzyme Supplement And More From 2005.

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Gplife Healthcare Private Limited

Since 2005, our team has been working on Botanical and Phytopharmaceutical research. More than 20 patents have been temporarily filed, and another 30 are being reviewed for submission. Gplife Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has created a Statistical and Algorithm Model of more than 300 phytochemicals and their synergistic impact on treating chronic illnesses and regenerating cells. We have produced over 40 products, with another 50 in development. Our team has over 50 reviews and research publications published in international and national journals. Our Science has been published in London, the United Kingdom, India, Thailand, the United States, Singapore and China. Gplife has created patented Aqueous Transparent Coating Technology. SATVAM Nutrition, a Gplife sub-brand, has entered the digital market as a Chemical-Free, Precise and Botanical Nutraceutical Dosage Form. Gplife created the AI Model and ACT algorithm based on Causal reasoning, Haematological Parameters, Symptoms, Disease History Case Research, Radiological Findings, animal model and in vitro study. Our advisory council includes more than 30 experts from across the world. Production facility, Ex-CRO Agency, Artificial Intelligence Team, Animal Study, Invitro Study, Research, Industry Institutes Interaction & Testing Lab are all involved with Gplife.

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We aim never to formulate any medicines that can harm the consumers among all the goals. Secondly, we wish to replace unscientifically

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We aim to solve Chronic Diseases by making medicines effective and noble again for the Indian customers.

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Our company has maintained a secured and safest delivery network with which we ensure supply of all products in the market.
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